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Magento: the best eCommerce solution

Emergento is committed to making your work easier and your customers happier. Magento eCommerce, combined with the best integration, creates an engaging customer experience.

Among the best eCommerce platforms, how do you recognize the right one for you?

It’s when it automates and simplifies your store management.

You have an idea of how your online store should be, and the best way to make your vision come true, is to share it. Think of us as your IT team: we can make your insight possible.

Discover some of the most incredible features of Magento eCommerce. You will understand how it can boost your business.

Unlimited possibilities

The best eCommerce solution able to run more warehouses together. For how complex is your business, Magento can manage any possible relation between websites and stocks.

Shipping an order from a certain warehouse, based on stocks, is a complicated procedure. Magento will do this automatically.

Increase the communication

Among the eCommerce platforms, Magento has probably the most powerful set of Marketing tools. It will help you with SEO and Search, User Content, Promotions and Communications.

You can create a very appealing shopping experience for your customers with these tools and check the results with Google Analytics that can be easily integrated with Magento.

Talk the language of your customers

Thanks to Magento eCommerce you can operate in different countries. According to the geographical area of your store, you can choose language, currency, prices, payment methods and catalogs.

Reach many different customers easily and let them feel at home in your store.

The importance of being Adobe

Magento is the eCommerce platform of Adobe. For this reason you will benefit of their experience in creating an extraordinary customer journey with an eye on all the tools that this ecosystem will bring on your hands.

The future is bright

Magento is always at work producing upgrades and new features. At the same way, also we are proactive to the market changes. You can already see how these changes are happening on a clear road map.

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