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clear with customers and code.


Turn brilliant ideas into success

The mission of our Magento development company is to create real value. We love to talk to our customers; understanding their requests, ideas, and expectations.

When we work on a new project, there is much more behind the binary code: it is a co-creation experience.


Personal and professional values aligned

In our Magento development company, we have an open mindset and positive thinking. Curiosity leads us to explore different sectors.

We always learn something new and belief in knowledge spreading.


Make life easier

Our Magento development company bases customer relationships on trust and honesty.

In Emergento we adopt the Agile methodology: you can follow the work in progress step by step.

Welcome to Emergento.

1 + 1 = 1

Numbers are our specialty. But even words fascinate us. Emergento comes from the union of 2 Italian words: emerge and Magento.


Meet our team

In Emergento you won’t find only a Magento developer or a Magento specialist dedicated to you, but a team of experts with many different skills seat to embrace ambitious projects.

Serena Giancane - Executive

Serena Giancane


Just like the North Star, she is the point of reference of the team and, at the same time, of the clients. Extremely talented, Serena is not a problem solver, but a solution finder. When it's time to disconnect, you can find her by the sea practicing yoga.

Francesco Piombo - COO

Francesco Piombo


Curious and passionate about technology, he always puts the customer at the heart. Francesco loves red wine and, just like a wine tasting, he will show you the many possibilities and lead you to the best solution.

Giorgio Vargiu - CEO

Giorgio Vargiu


He defines himself as an eclectic worker: video editing, web and graphic designer, senior frontend developer and, last but not least, musician. Giorgio’s experience and knowledge make him the best person to administrate, develop and analyze projects and new opportunities.

Antonino Bonumore - Emergento CIO

Antonino Bonumore

Software Architect

Adobe Commerce Expert certified, ask him anything and if it doesn't already exist, probably he can create it. Antonino writes clean code and speaks clearly with everybody. He loves riding a bike and, of course, coding. Who wouldn’t want a colleague like him?


Mohamed Achraf Assadiki

Magento developer

He never worked a day in his life, because Mohamed loves what he does: coding.
The perfect mix of scientific method and creativity transforms him into an able hunter of solutions. Long walks, preferably in forests, are the best way to recharge himself. Adobe Commerce certified, of course.

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Magento developer

Any Magento expert or Magento 2 specialist out there?

If you want to join our Magento website development company, check our Careers page. We are always happy to meet a talented Magento web developer, even better if you are a Magento certified developer. And if you love coding with M2 and want to grow, we'll create a plan to make it possible in our Magento web development company.

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