Magento Audit:

we recognize and solve whatever hinders your growth

At Emergento we aim to offer always the best to our customers. For this reason, our certified experts are at your disposal for a Magento audit.

A Magento store needs to be constantly monitored to run correctly.

A Magento 2 audit service is important to find out if your eCommerce is: secure, doesn't have any manipulation on the code base, and it is performing at its maximum possible result.

Here are some signs to understand it’s time to book a Magento technical audit:

  • Your eCommerce is slow;

  • The performance is not excellent;

  • The theme and extensions aren’t working properly.

Other good reasons are:

  • You want to be sure your website hasn’t been hacked and guarantee security;

  • You want to provide the best shopping experience to your customers;

  • You are interested in migrating to M2.

Our Magento audit covers 3 areas for 1 result: increasing your business online.

At Emergento we offer you three different types of Magento website audit: Magento security audit, Magento performance audit, and Magento quality of software audit.

Magento security audit

If you noticed unusual logs on your website, it’s time to conduct a deeper investigation with a Magento security audit.

We will check:

  • All security patches status updates;

  • Your hosting provider standards of security;

  • Your third parties implementations;

  • Your Magento configuration, controlling permissions and accesses.

Transform your eCommerce into a safe place. Your business and your customers will benefit.

You will receive a full report with a detailed analysis. In case of breaches, we can put you in contact with one of our partners for legal support.

Magento performance audit

The extra loading time of the page is one of the main reasons customers leave your store. In addition, your SEO consultant may have noticed a drop in website traffic. That's why you need to increase performance.

A few seconds make the difference: let us boost up your business.

Our experts will do a performance analysis to identify the bottleneck of the lack of performance. You will receive a comprehensive report and professional inputs to improve your website.

Magento quality of software audit

When you add new implementations in your Magento eCommerce, it’s important to build on solid foundations. The core code base should remain intact. Your team may need a solid set of coding standards, our goal is to provide you a guideline of best practices.

Emergento’s code audit will take your business to the next level.

We will check your website's quality of code and validate the Magento standard application. In case of unused software, we’ll tell you how to proceed.

You will receive a report including the major and minor critical aspects of the code.

Magento site audit: only high-level expertise for your business.

Emergento is committed to producing a final report valuable for you and your team.  To offer this service are necessary specific skills and knowledge. Your store will be analyzed by our best Magento 2 certified developers. After an interview and a series of tests, we can already indicate the best solution for your eCommerce, thanks to our Magento audit.